As per the Collective Agreement

Job Description

Include but are not limited to:

  • Inspect incoming material
  • Finish welding of assigned parts as per the drawings supplied for the specific part
  • Repair any deficiencies found during the inspection
  • Install parts that are not considered critical or non-critical for proper fitup
  • Welding must be completed in accordance with applicable standards and procedures
  • Ensure part is complete and ready for the next step in the production process
  • Guiding and liaising with other employees in their area
  • Ensure work area is kept clean and clear of hazards. Includes:
    • Sweeping floor
    • Wiping down equipment
  • Ensure correct information is recorded in time and attendance system
  • Ensure production information is recorded in the in process quality system
  • Ensure all work is performed in a safe manner
  • Proper use of shop supplies
  • Perform other duties as assigned
Functional Skill Requirements
Education and experience


  • Secondary school diploma or high school equivalent as a minimum;
  • Welders certificate or ticket
  • Maintain a level of education necessary to keep pace with new manufacturing technology and company requirements.


  • Execute all the weld procedures required in the welding area, including the necessary preparation, such as grinding or arc air
  • Understand welding procedures and practices including welding symbols
  • Grind and clean using a wire wheel
  • Be able to perform basic visual weld inspections appearance, fusion, penetration, etc.
  • Reading and interpreting drawings
  • Understand material characteristics and requirements (i.e.: thickness, width, sweep and camber tolerances)
  • Operation and limitation of all machinery and equipment in area
  • Material handling techniques (use of cranes, slings, etc)
Company: Steelway Building Systems