Software Developer
Report To
IT Manager
Stoney Creek
Job Description

We can’t do it all from a distance; those metal machines need to be kicked every once in a while and those squishy bipedal things like to be acknowledged by another squishy bipedal thing they can actually perceive. There are a lot of cables, computers and invisible waves to manage in several locations (some of them even roam around the province), not to mention the intangible instructions stored as 1’s and 0’s that you need to program and debug. We need you to keep the machines buzzing and the people happy.

Organization Relationships

The software developer will interact with fellow employees while reporting to the IT Manager.


The software developer role is very open ended and you will play the role of:

  • Analyst/Architect – work closely with stakeholders and team members to gather, understand and translate requirements into elegant solutions.
  • DevOps – develop, maintain, deploy and support beautiful solutions by following coding and security best-practices in a mixed, but MS heavy, environment.
  • Administrator – support our day-to-day operations including end-user/infrastructure/server support.
  • IT Member – take part in our Agile process, solution design, code-reviews, testing, team-building, continuous learning, 1-on-1 sessions and coaching.

This position requires a strong individual who can adapt to mixed environments, ongoing challenges and new technologies. There will be some travel involved (between of ces) and a lot of collaboration between you, the IT Manager and the rest of the IT team.

Functional Skill Requirements

You might be a good t if you identify with the statements below:

  • I have a passion for crafting quality solutions.
  • I can think on my feet, outside the box and sometimes on the run.
  • I love working in a team, adapting to rapidly changing requirements and slinging jokes.
  • I love Agile.
  • I never stop learning, experimenting, searching.
  • I know what TDD or BDD is and I have used them in the past.
  • Pressure, what pressure?
  • I work in a MS environment and develop in C#. or I have worked in a modern language like C#, PHP, Ruby, Java, etc. and I have had some exposure to MS and the .NET environment and I am not afraid to learn on the fly.
  • I am not afraid of web development.
  • I have developed an Android app in the past and I know what the latest trends in development are.
  • I craft the most elegant SQL or T-SQL statements you have ever seen.
  • I have never written code without using source control.
  • I wired my whole house in CAT5e but I wish I had had the money for CAT6a.
  • I run my own server or have experience administering a Windows environment.
  • I can hum the tune Abed used in his horror story at Britta’s Halloween party.
Education and experience

Four (4) or more years’ experience and a post-secondary Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in a computer related field.