Software Developer
Report To
IT Manager
Job Description

The software developer role is very open ended; working independently and on teams you will play the role of:

  • Analyst/Architect – work closely with stakeholders and team members to gather, understand and translate requirements into elegant solutions
  • DevOps – develop, maintain, deploy and support beautiful solutions by following coding and security best-practices in a mixed, but MS heavy, environment
  • IT Member – take part in our Agile process, solution design, code-reviews, testing, team-building, continuous learning, 1-on-1 sessions and coaching
Functional Skill Requirements
Education and experience

You might be a good fit if you identify with the statements below:


  • I have a passion for crafting quality solutions.
  • I can think on my feet, outside the box and sometimes on the run.
  • I love working in a team, adapting to rapidly changing requirements and slinging jokes.
  • I never stop learning, experimenting, searching.
  • I know what TDD or BDD is and I have used them in the past.
  • Pressure, what pressure?
  • I work in a MS environment and develop in C#.
    • or I have worked in a modern language like C#, PHP, Ruby, Java, etc. and I have had some exposure to MS and the .NET environment and I am not afraid to learn on the fly.
  • I am not afraid of web development.
  • I follow bugs on ASP .NET Core MVC’s GitHub repo.
  • I have developed an Android app, a progressive web app or a responsive web page with offline abilities.
  • I craft the most elegant SQL or T-SQL statements you have ever seen.
  • I have never written code without using source control.
  • I have three (3) or more years’ experience and a post-secondary Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in a computer related field.
  • My microwave is controlled by my smart phone
Company: Steelway Building Systems